Neda Tarjan, DDS

Dr. Neda Tarjan makes one-on-one attention a priority, as she believes listening to her patients is a game-changing step toward good oral health. She aims to forge a connection with the people who visit her office, making sure they feel at ease during all dental procedures.

Once you sit in Dr. Tarjan’s dental chair, she will walk you through your entire procedure, be it a tooth extraction or a quick and painless teeth whitening. Her warm and gentle attitude will give you the encouragement to ask her any questions or express your concerns, and she will always tailor every procedure to your needs and expectations.

Her devotion to her job and oral health has led Dr. Tarjan to develop a modern approach to dentistry, being friendly and open with her patients while offering top-notch dental services. Her genuine but professional nature has earned her the praise of many patients, who consider her a smart, kind and caring woman.

She finds it extremely rewarding to see a patient feeling confident and relieved about their new smile. Dr. Tarjan keeps looking for ways to improve the quality of life of her current and potential patients, as she thinks taking care of your mouth leads to proper overall health and a beaming, lasting and pearly smile.

Dr. Tarjan graduated from the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine. She started her career in the dental field in 1998 when she was accepted to dental hygiene school. To become a leading dentist, Dr. Neda Tarjan attended the Metropolitan State University of Denver for her undergrad. While working on her undergrad, she had different roles in the field of dentistry, from EDDA to running five dental offices as a practice manager.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, including her husband, Al, her son, Samyar, and dog, Cooper, and being outdoors in the fabulous Colorado sunshine.

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